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Commercial Fryers

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60 mos

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Commercial Fryers

  On average, commercial fryers can be leased or financed for the following:


For 60 months
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  • $11

  • $371



For 48 months
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  • $13

  • $437



For 36 months
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  • $16

  • $549

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Features of commercial fryers

Fryers can be categorized into light, medium, and heavy duty, and the ones you need will depend on how you are going to be using it. You can choose from electric and gas commercial fryers, as well as specialty fryers for specific types of foots. For example, there are ventless countertop options, pressure fryers, outdoor fryers, and even fryers specifically for donuts and funnel cakes.

About commercial fryers

People tend to love their fried food, and it’s no wonder that commercial fryers are one of the most important parts of many restaurants and eateries. A good deep fryer is able to prepare a range of food items including entrées, sides, appetizers, and even desserts, especially for those who like to get creative with frying. While most people think of fryers as being at a restaurant, diner, or other eatery, these are also quite popular with food trucks today, as well as concession stands. Just think about all of the fried fair food that hits the news each year.

Commercial Fryer Manufacturers

Some of the companies that are manufacturing commercial fryers today include Avantco, APW Wyott, Waring, Garland, Globe, Wells, Vollrath, Vulcan, and Cecilware.

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