Renter FAQs

How does KWIPPED work?

It’s simple! If you find the specific equipment you need, instantly schedule it online. Or, you can submit a request for quote for the equipment you need to rent. Suppliers from our network will respond with a quote that includes the terms of the rental and the specific equipment they have available. Once you accept a quote, you can electronically sign the rental contract and receive your equipment!

How much does it cost to join and use KWIPPED?

KWIPPED is a FREE service with no hidden fees. You pay only the amount agreed upon in the rental contract!

Is my name and contact information kept private?

Yes! KWIPPED only gives your contact information to suppliers to which you have accepted a quote and signed a rental contract.

Who is responsible for damages?

It is the responsibility of the renter to cover any damages, theft or loss of the equipment except for ordinary wear and tear!

When does my rental start and end?

The rental will start on the day you pick-up your equipment or the day your receive your equipment from shipping carrier. The rental will end on the day the equipment is returned to the supplier.

How long can I keep the equipment?

The quotes you receive from suppliers will indicate what happens at the end of the rental. In some cases, the rental can be prorated on some term (often times shorter than the original rental). In other cases, the supplier may need the equipment returned on the agreed upon date and late fees may apply if returned later.

How long does it take get rental quotes back from suppliers?

KWIPPED encourages all suppliers to quote as soon as they receive the request! In general, we try to make sure you start receiving quotes in 24 hours or less during normal business hours.

Who pays to ship the equipment?

The cost of shipping will be indicated on the quotes you receive from suppliers. The supplier has the option to charge shipping or include with the cost of the rental.

Who are the suppliers?

Suppliers are rental companies large and small. When you receive a quote from a supplier, there will be a link to their profile on KWIPPED. Their profile will indicate what type of equipment they rent and information about the company.

How do I know the supplier is dependable?

All KWIPPED suppliers are certified and on-boarded by KWIPPED and we are proactive in making sure you receive quality equipment on time. Our suppliers are continuously monitored and reviewed to make sure they conform to our standards.

What are the terms and conditions of the rental?

The terms and conditions are governed by the supplier’s quote and the KWIPPED rental terms and conditions.

Who do I contact if I have a question or problem with my rental?

You can either call our friendly KWIPPED staff at 800.273.8404 or reach out to the supplier who provided the equipment!

What if I don’t see the equipment I need on

The equipment on our website is representative of general categories. Specific models, types or configurations will be identified in the quotes you receive from suppliers. If you would like to suggest a completely new category, please contact us or call us at 800.273.8404. Our equipment categories are growing daily!

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