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Features of fiber identifiers

You do not have to open the fiber at a splice point to take the measurement, which means there is no chance of interrupting the service. The devices help to simplify many aspects of the telecommunications field. When fiber is being installed, maintained, restored, or rerouted, it is usually necessary to take care of the problem without causing any disruptions in service, and the fiber identifier makes that possible.

How fiber identifiers work

The devices are easy to use, and when they detect traffic flowing through the fiber, they will let the user know with an audible tone. The tools also tend to be quite small, which means they are easy to carry from one area to another, making work more efficient. For those who are working on maintenance for fiber optic networks, the tool is a true benefit.

About fiber identifiers

In the telecom industry, there are many different tools and pieces of equipment that workers will use regularly. One of the essential items is called a fiber identifier. This type of tool will make it easy to detect signals that are being transmitted through a fiber. One of the benefits of these devices is that they will allow these detections and measurements to be taken without doing any damage to the fiber.

Fiber Identifier Manufacturers

Some of the companies making fiber identifiers today include Wilcom, AFL Global, and Huihong Technologies.

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