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Manual Total Stations

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KWIPPED has 215 suppliers of Manual Total Stations representing all major brands.
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Average Costs to Rent, Finance or Purchase a Manual Total Station
Min Average Max
Daily Rental Rate $65 $80 $125
Weekly Rental Rate $225 $261 $350
Monthly Rental Rate $675 $783 $995
Purchase Price $6,350 $7,940 $9,263
60 Month Financing Rate $135 $169 $197
48 Month Financing Rate $163 $204 $237
36 Month Financing Rate $209 $261 $305
24 Month Financing Rate $308 $385 $449
*The prices on this table are only estimates, and are based on actual Manual Total Station quotes submitted by KWIPPED Suppliers in the last 12 months. Actual Manual Total Station prices vary greatly based on brand, model, condition (new or used), options, and packages.
Based on Actual KWIPPED Marketplace Supplier Quotes
  • On average, you can rent a Manual Total Station for $80/day, $261/week, $783/month .
  • On average, you can purchase a Manual Total Station for $7,940.
  • On average, you can finance a Manual Total Station for $169/month on a 60-month lease.
For exact pricing on specific models, submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) and receive competing quotes to compare from our network of Manual Total Station suppliers. You may also download and print this estimate table to share with other decision makers.

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