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HEPA Air Scrubbers / Negative Air Machines

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HEPA Air Scrubbers / Negative Air Machines

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Features of hepa air scrubbers / negative air machines

One of the benefits of using negative air machines that have HEPA filters is that the filters make it possible to trap even smaller particles from getting into the air. This means that the environment is going to be even cleaner and the air safer. This makes the machine a good option for operating in a range of environments, including medical research centers, hospitals, nuclear power plants, building and construction environments, and for the cleanup of mold, asbestos, and even lead paint.

How hepa air scrubbers / negative air machines work

The negative pressure areas that are created by the machines will help to contain the particles, mold, dust, and more into a contained location. Airborne contaminants are not able to escape, which means there is no danger of them contaminating other parts of the building.

About hepa air scrubbers / negative air machines

HEPA negative air machines can be used in a variety of situations. They are often used in healthcare applications. However, they are also used frequently when it comes to construction and renovation projects, disaster restoration, and mold abatement. The machines have the capacity to provide negative air pressure, which can provide a cleaner and safer environment.

HEPA Air Scrubbers / Negative Air Machine Manufacturers

Manufacturers that are making HEPA negative air machines include Omnitec Design, Inc., BioKlean, Novatek, and Kontol Kube.

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