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Features of fall protection systems

Putting in anchors on the building where you can then attach safety lines and harnesses is often the first step. There are anchors that will work for many different types of buildings including residential wood structure anchors, rooftop post anchors, steel beam flange anchors, bolt and weld-on steel anchors, tie-off anchors, metal decking anchors, non-penetrating anchors, and scaffold and pipe anchors.

Various types of harnesses can be helpful as well. Some of the options available include vest harnesses, construction harnesses, climbing harnesses, welding harnesses, high visibility harnesses, and retrieval harnesses. These will attach to a lanyard, which should keep the employees from falling and injuring themselves.

Another piece of equipment to consider is a retractable. These devices are similar to seat belts in the way they work. It is advised to use a web retractable when working on concrete and a steel retractable when welding.

Some of the other pieces of equipment that are essential for fall protection include things such as lanyards, vertical lifelines, horizontal lifelines, cable and rope grabs, and carabiners. In some cases, you might also want to have guardrails that you can add, as well as netting, just in case someone was to fall.

As you choose the fall protection equipment, you will want to consider a number of factors. How many people need to use the equipment, what type of environment will they be working in and what pieces of equipment will be essential to their safety. You will likely need to consider getting a large amount of equipment to make sure the project is as safe as possible. That is far better than the alternative of someone getting injured by falling though.

Fall Protection System Manufacturers

Because there is a wide range of fall protection equipment, there are many different manufacturers that offer these types of products. Some of the popular brands include DBI-SALA, Guardian, Miller, FallTech, and Super Anchor. Consider the material, the amount of equipment needed, and the strength of the material you need for the job.

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