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Features of decontamination trailers

The goal of all decontamination trailers is the same – to make sure people who have been exposed to dangerous chemicals or other hazardous materials are able to remove those elements and to remain safe and healthy. While the trailers tend to work similarly, there will naturally be some differences between the various manufacturers. Some of those differences will include the size, the type of chemicals and materials the trailer can handle, and the exact features.

Most of the trailers available are self-contained. They have showers, clean rooms, and dirty rooms to deal with the entire decontamination process. In many trailers, the dirty room will have a HEPA system that can filter the air and maintain a negative pressure in the trailer. The showers may or may not have hot water based on the type of trailer you choose and how the showers are fitted and hooked up. The clean rooms are generally spacious and comfortable so people who go through the decontamination process can dress easily at the end of the day. Some of the trailers also have storage areas where the employees can place their personal belongings before they start their day. This is often in the clean room area.

When you are choosing a decontamination trailer, you have to make sure you are aware of the most common types of materials that you or your employees could come into contact with and make sure you have a trailer suited for that type of material. Is it a chemical? Is it biological? Always make sure the trailer works for the purpose you need.

In addition, you need to think about the size. How many showers does the trailer offer, and how large are they? Depending on the number of employees who may need to have access to the trailer, it might mean you need to have more than one trailer.

Decontamination Trailer Manufacturers

Some of the companies offering high quality decontamination trailers today include Ameri-Can, CMS System, Enviro Outfitters, and AMS. Many options are available, so make sure the one you choose is right for your needs.

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