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Traffic Data Collector Description

One of the things you will want to consider when you are renting the device is what types of vehicles will you be trying to record. If you are trying to record only bikes, you may need to choose a machine that is more sensitive and able to detect and record the lighter weight. If you have a specific traffic data collection rental or lease questions, a KWIPPED supplier will happily assist you.

Features of traffic data collectors

traffic data collection rentalDifferent types of devices will have different types of technology to help them count the vehicles. They often make use of piezoelectric sensors in the road and pneumatic road tubes. It is possible to tune the devices for traffic data collection so that they can record different types of vehicles. As mentioned, when you tune the devices to be more sensitive, they will be able to pick up the number of bikes that come across the road.

How traffic data collectors work

The device for traffic data collection will count the amount of traffic on a specific road. In order to get this data in the past, it required people to go out and manually count the number of vehicles on the road. This was a hassle and a waste of manpower. Today, the devices used for counting are excellent pieces of technology that are capable of counting multiple lands of traffic, and even different types of vehicles. Some of the counters are even capable of differentiating between a traditional motorized vehicle and a bicycle. The user only needs to choose the road and then set up the system. They work simply, and once you set them up, you can leave, come back later, and collect the device and your data.

About traffic data collectors

Do you have a need to collect information about the amount of traffic in a certain area of your community? Whether it is for a government project, a report, or anything else, you need to make sure you have the best tools for traffic data collection to help you get the data you need. Fortunately, there are a number of different options available for rent or lease right now.

Traffic Data Collector Applications

  • Local, state, and federal government
  • Law enforcement
  • Traffic studies

Traffic Data Collector Manufacturers

  • JAMAR Technologies
  • Tri-State Traffic Data

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