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Traffic Cones

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Traffic Cones

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Features of traffic cones

traffic cone rentalsWhen most people think of traffic safety cones, the color orange pops into mind. It is true that this is generally the color of the cones used outside. They are a fluorescent orange that will reflect light at night. However, even though orange is the primary color you see, manufacturers do make other colors, including lime green, yellow, and blue. The cones have a heavy base so that they do not easily tip over, even if it gets windy out. The color of the base varies, but it is generally black or the color of the cone. Some cones may have white stripes around them.

How traffic cones work

There really isn’t any trick to using a traffic cone. All you need to do is place them down in the area that you want to block off or in a pattern if you are trying to get people to park in certain areas. People know what the traffic cones signal, and they will generally proceed with caution until they know what they need to do and where they need to go. You will find that coupling the cones with other devices such as signs can be quite beneficial.

About traffic cones

Traffic cones are one of the most common types of worksite safety equipment available, and you can use them indoors as well as outdoors, despite their name. They are very beneficial when it comes to managing traffic, and for event coordination. They are a good option for those who are holding events and need to guide traffic into certain areas as well. They are even used in gyms, parks, and other areas for recreation.

Traffic Cone Applications

  • Traffic management and safety
  • Event coordination
  • Mark off areas in public spaces
  • Warn of danger areas

Traffic Cone Manufacturers

  • Lakeside Plastics
  • HSP Highway Safety Products
  • Roadtech Manufacturing

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