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Speed Radar Trailer Description

When you are renting a speed radar trailer, consider where you will be placing it first, and the purpose for placing it. This will let you know what other features you might or might not need. For example, someone who is setting up the trailer in their community to help keep speeds down may not need a camera, whereas law enforcement would benefit from the addition of a camera.

Features of speed radar trailers

The units have a wheeled trailer attached to the radar unit so it is easily mobile and takes no time to maneuver into place. The device also features a screen that will show the speed of the drivers who are passing it on the road. The screen is large and the numbers illuminated so they are nice and easy to see. In addition, many of the trailers will also have the actual speed limit sign attached to it as well. This shows the drivers the speed they should be going versus the speed they are going. Some of the speed radar trailers also have cameras attached. When someone goes over the speed you program into the device, it will take a photo and record it.

How speed radar trailers work

speed radar trailer rentalsThe signs work very simply. You will place the speed radar trailer at the side of the road. When vehicles approach the trailer, it will then calculate and display their speed. There are a number of different styles of trailer, but they all tend to work in very much the same fashion.

About speed radar trailers

How fast are those vehicles going? When you use one of these speed radar trailers, you will know, and the drivers will know too. These types of trailers are very helpful for a number of different applications. For example, a property management company or homeowners’ association that’s trying to get people to slow down in the community may want to use one. Law enforcement uses them, as do many public works departments. They are very beneficial for gathering data and for getting people to slow down. Overall, this can help to improve traffic flow.

Speed Radar Trailer Applications

  • Law enforcement
  • Schools
  • Local communities
  • Construction
  • Property management companies
  • Traffic engineering offices
  • Public works department

Speed Radar Trailer Manufacturers

  • Stalker
  • RU2 Systems
  • Wanco
  • MPH Industries
  • Traffic Logix

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