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Rotisserie Ovens

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Rotisserie Ovens

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Features of rotisserie ovens

All of the rotisserie ovens work on the same basic principle of applying heat to turning poultry. Therefore, you will find that the ovens all tend to have similar features and options, and they are easy to operate. However, there are some difference between ovens. For example, some of the rotisserie ovens are suitable for sitting on the countertop, while others are much larger.

How rotisserie ovens work

A rotisserie oven features spits onto which you can place the poultry for cooking. The food rotates as it is being cooked, which helps to coat the meat in its drippings and can provide a beautiful and delicious crispy skin. While chickens are the most common type of poultry used with rotisseries, it is also possible to use small turkeys, as well as ducks.

About rotisserie ovens

Do you offer roasted chicken or barbeque chicken at your eatery? Perhaps you have a restaurant that offers kebabs, or you make sandwiches from freshly roasted chicken. If this sounds familiar, then you will want to consider leasing or financing a rotisserie oven to help with this process. These can work well for more than just restaurants. They are also nice for concession stands, food trucks, and even grocery stores. However, you need to be sure you are getting the right oven for the job.

Rotisserie Oven Manufacturers

Some of the top manufacturers making rotisserie ovens today include Alto-Shaam, Vollrath, and Rotisol.

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