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Rotisserie Ovens

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Rotisserie Oven Description

Keep your customers happy with the unrivaled cooking ability of a Rotisserie Oven. These units provide even and consistent cooking using rotating spits, ensuring that the product is heated from all sides. Additionally, the turning helps keep your food moist by keeping them from sitting on one side for too long. While gas models are available using propane or natural gas, the rotation and illumination of the cabinet will still require electricity. With that said, depending on your situation an all electric model could be more convenient and potentially more economical for your business. At KWIPPED, our marketplace of Rotisserie Ovens has models for both power inputs, so you can confidently choose the best unit for your establishment.

Rotisserie Oven Manufacturers

Some of the prominent manufacturers in this field include: APW Wyott, Alto-Shaam, Amana, American Baking Systems (ABS), American Range, Armana, Atosa, Axis, BakeMax, Bakers Pride, Blodgett, Bosch, Carter-Hoffmann, Cleveland, Comstock-Castle Stove, Convotherm, Doyon, Duke, Empire, Fagor, Garland, Hardt, Hobart, Imperial, Kornfeil, LBC, Lincoln, Merrychef, Middleby Marshall, Moffat, Nemco, Omcan, Otis Spunkmeyer, Ovention, Panasonic, Peerless-Av, Royal Range, Serv-Ware, Sierra, Somerset, Southbend, Star, Superior, TMB, Toastmaster, Tomlinson, TurboChef, US Range, Value Series, Vollrath, Vulcan, Waring, Wolf Cooking, Zesto, and Zurn.

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