Traffix Scorpion TL-3 ​Trailer Attenuator | Rent, Finance, or Buy

Traffix Scorpion TL-3 ​Trailer Attenuator

The Scorpion TMA Model C folds up and over the bed of flat bed, stake bed, or dump trucks. The Model C with its compact design and balanced weight distribution makes it ideal for high-speed travel. The Scorpion TMA Model C provides TL-3 impact protection. Side mounts are also available.
  • Weight 1,975 lbs (900 kg)
  • Length Travel/Storage 2' 5" (.74 m)
  • Deployed 13' 10" (4.21 m)
  • Width 8' (2.45 m)
  • Height Travel/Storage 10' 6" (3.05 m)
  • Deployed 1' (.3 m)
  • Tests Passed* 3-50, 3-51, 3-52, 3-53

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