Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M 1700C Box Furnace, 9L

Product Specifications
BRAND  Thermo Fisher Scientific
MODEL   Lindberg/Blue M
Features Available in two popular chamber sizes Double shell design for lower external cabinet temperature with energy savings Moldathermᆴ high temperature ceramic fibre insulation with advanced graded design for fast heat-up and resistance to thermal shock Vertically hinged door lifts up and out of the way to save space and minimize exposure to the operator Removable panels for easy access to replaceable heating elements and thermocouples Moldatherm hearthplate supports load and protects chamber from spills or mishandling High volume cooling fans move air between inner and outer chamber to reduce exterior shell temperatures and improve Smart Heating Elements Molybdenum disilicide elements with unique right angle bend and sidewall mounting reduce maintenance usually associated with element termination and mounting Designed for easy replacement without matching resistance values Fast heat-up and recovery with excellent uniformity and energy efficiency

Manufacturer: Thermo
Voltage: 208/240V
Features: Moldatherm high temperature ceramic fibre insulation, vertical hinge doors, heats to maximum temperature in 15 minutes
Capacity: 0.32 cubic feet, 9 liters
Control: LED display
No. Programs: Fully programmable controller sold separately. Controller includes RS485 data port and communications card
Unit Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 x 15.75 inches

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