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Laboratory Oven Description

If you need to rent or lease a lab oven for your work, you first need to consider the space you have available for the oven. Choose one that will work with the space you have available, and that is still large enough to accommodate your needs. In addition, check out the controls and the reviews for the different options before renting. You need to have an oven that is capable of heating up quickly and maintaining a steady and solid temperature if you hope to get accurate results. If you have a questions about a specific oven model, a KWIPPED supplier will be more than happy to assist you.

Features of laboratory ovens

lab oven rentalA wide range of different types of laboratory ovens are available today, and they come in many different sizes and styles to fit your labs particular needs. Some of the ovens are just over a cubic foot, while others are much larger. They all will have controls on the outside, which will let you fine tune the temperature. Many will also have viewing windows so you can see what’s happening inside of the oven. This is very important for many different applications that make use of ovens.

How laboratory ovens work

The heating element in the chamber causes the temperature to rise and the cold air to move out of the oven’s cavity. Mechanical convection lab ovens are able to heat up more quickly and evenly than the older regular convection models. They have blowers and baffles located in the oven chamber that are able to help with this.

About laboratory ovens

A laboratory oven is actually quite a bit different from a typical oven in a kitchen. They are capable of providing even temperatures throughout the device, and they are helpful in a number of lab applications including drying, annealing, die-bond curing, sterilizing, and more. The size of the ovens varies dramatically, which is good for the renter. It means you should not have too much trouble finding something that will work well for your particular situation. The temperatures in the ovens can reach more than 340 degrees Celsius, and it heats through convection, although some use mechanical means to achieve the heat.

Laboratory Oven Applications

  • Industrial lab
  • Research lab
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Clean rooms

Laboratory Oven Manufacturers

  • Cole Parmer
  • Quincy
  • Shellab
  • Coslab

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