Thermo Fisher Scientific Sorvall RC 5C Floor Model Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge

Thermo Fisher Scientific Sorvall RC 5C Floor Model Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge
Product Specifications
BRAND  Thermo Fisher Scientific
MODEL  Sorvall RC 5C
MAX RCF (X G) greater than 30,000
MAX SPEED (RPM) 20,000 - 30,000
FEATURES Refrigerated
BRAND Sorvall
The SORVALL RC-5C Plus super speed refrigerated centrifuge is the fully-featured, microprocessor-controlled, 21,000 rpm model in the family of SORVALL centrifuges. It combines the flexibility of microprocessor control and digital displays with the reliability, durability and convenience of a heavy-duty, direct-drive motor system.
Features and Benefits
Safe and reliable operation
CFC-free refrigeration
Designed without belts or vacuum to minimize maintenance and ensure reliability
Rotor imbalance detection system
Can be used with all inventories of superspeed and high performance SUPRAspeed® rotors.
Performance enhanced by use of lightweight SORVALL® SUPER-LITE® rotors.
Easy to use
Easy to use controls for programming run conditions
Simultaneous display of set and operating conditions
Automatic RCF for calculation and display of g-force
Automatic rate control system controls acceleration and deceleration
Visible, easy to understand analog displays and lamp indicators
High performance
Improved noise suppression—50% quieter than other models
Efficient refrigeration
Max. speed: 21,000 rpm
Max. RCF: 51,427 g
Max. rotor capacity: 3 liters
Drive system: high torque, direct-drive DC motor 1.86 kw (2.5 hp)
Braking system: dynamic, electric brake
Refrigeration system: heavy-duty sealed
compressor: 1.49 kw (2 hp)
Speed control range (RC-5C Plus): 50 rpm to 21,000 rpm
Speed control accuracy: ±100 rpm or 1%, whichever is greater
Temperature set range: –20 to 40°C
Temperature control range (RC-5C Plus): 2°C to 40°C at max. rotor speed
Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C of set temperature (after stabilization)
Automatic rate control: acceleration control to 500 rpm; deceleration control from 700 rpm
Timer: digital LED: 0 to 99 hr, 59 min for TIMED RUNS (displays remaining time); HOLD (displays elapsed time)

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