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Tekmar LSC 2000 Purge and Trap

Tekmar LSC 2000 Purge and Trap
Product Specifications
BRAND  Tekmar
Purge and Trap (P&T) has been used for decades to extract volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from a solid or liquid matrix for introduction into a Gas Chromatograph (GC) for separation and identification. The VOCs are concentrated onto an adsorbent trap, followed by thermal desorption into a GC. Sample matrices can range from soil, plastics, foods, flavour, fragrance, emulsions and water.
LSC 2000 specifications:
  • Furnace: Ambient to 400° C, rise rate approximately 200° /min
  • Traps: 0.123" +/- 0.002" O.D. x 12" long x 0.010" wall thickness stainless steel standard. Optional traps include 0.125" O.D. x 1.8mm I.D. x 12" long glass-lined stainless steel.
  • Samplers: 5ml or 25 ml sampler volume. All glass construction using medium porosity glass frits. Includes manual 3-way valve for sample/load drain. Optional 5ml or 25ml fritless, needle sparge, and ¾" disposable samplers can be used.
  • Valving; Motor-actuated 6-port valve contained in oven for purge and desorb cycles variable ambient to 300° C. Solenoid-operated 2- and 3-port valves for purge, dry purge, drain, bake and vent functions. Solenoid valves rated at 20psi.
  • Tubing: All sample lines are 1/16" glass lined stainless steel or fused silica ( 0.32mm or 0.53mm I.D. ) heated, variable ambient to 300° C. Sample flow pathway fittings are gold-plated. The transfer line is available in a 36", 48", or 60" length. Mount temperature is ambient to 200° C.
  • Electronic Control: CMOSv8 bit 6303 microprocessor with 64k ROM ( Read Only Memory ) and 2K RAM ( Random Access Memory ). Parameter entry is via a tactile response panel including a numeric keypad.
  • Outputs: Four second contact closure or contact opening, available at the start of Desorb Ready to End of Desorb.
  • Inputs: Accepts contact closure, contact opening, or TTL input to advance from purge, Ready to Purge and from Desorb Reday to Desorb Preheat.
  • Display: 64 x 240 pixel dot graphics LCD screen.
  • Serial Interface: RS232 serial communications port permits interface with a remote PC. Baud rate variable 150 to 19200, software selectable.

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