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Spectra Precision DG711 Pipe Laser

Spectra Precision DG711 Pipe Laser
Product Specifications
BRAND  Spectra Precision
The rugged Spectra Precision DG711 Pipe Laser is built for long lasting performance and reliability for laying pipes.  The DG711 is fully waterproof and can be washed down after working in the muddiest trenches. The nickel alloy housing provides anti-corrosion protection.
Setting grade is simple. The grade can be entered directly onto the laser or via the infra-red remote control. Once the grade is set it can also be locked avoiding errors by someone accidentally changing the grade. Line, set, check allows the laser to shoot the beam upwards to align up and out of the trench to the next manhole. Line scan allows the beam to sweep quickly (left and right) and can be stopped on the target using the remote control.

  • Grade Range - Widest automatic self-levelling range available combined with a simple user interface either on the DG711 or via the infra-red remote allowing for quick, easy set-ups regardless of the grade required.
  • Line Alert – alerts the user when the set-up is disturbed reducing errors and costly re-work.
  • Line, Set, Check – Moves the laser beam vertically plumb to its maximum limit for setting line in a first day setup without a transit or manhole mount.
  • Line Scan - For a faster second day setup, line scan enables complete movement of the laser beam to the left or right limit and can be stopped when it hits the target and then fine adjustment can be achieved with the remote control. 
  • Line Reference - Generally used for the installation of box culverts or other flat bottomed structures, to determine the two corner positions of the far end of the box
  • Patented Target – transfers the beam up at an angle through the target for easy viewing of the beam by the pipe layer.

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