Thermo Fisher Scientific RT6000B Laboratory Centrifuge | Rent, Finance, or Buy

Sorvall RT6000B Benchtop Centrifuge

Product Specifications
BRAND  Thermo Fisher Scientific
MAX SPEED (RPM) 0 - 5,000
FEATURES Refrigerated
BRAND Sorvall
Centrifuge Sorvall RT6000B, with  H-1000B Swing Bucket Rotor and Refrigeration System for Temperatures from -5C to 25Celcius, Max Speed 6000RPM, 3200RPM Max Closed Loop Speed Control
This classic table-top centrifuge is suitable for all lower speed large tube number applications such as spinning 15ml and 50ml conical tubes. The RT6000 (B) centrifuges feature a see-through chamber door that allows rotor calibration and visual inspection of a run in progress. The rotor chamber lid is counterbalanced for easy opening and safe closing. The lid latch is locked manually by turning the door release knob counter clockwise then spinning preventing the chamber lid from being opened during operation. In addition a slow-start feature allows slow smooth acceleration from 0 to 500 rpm. This machine has analog displays not digital.Max Speed 6000 rpm,Max Force 5000g,Speed Control +/-0.5 percentOperating Temp -Step runs 9 single step runs,Diagnostic indicators up to 2 stepsVacuum level indication 15, Noise Level 53 dB,Dimensions Width 31",Depth 27",Height 40"

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