Next Advance Bullet Blender 5 Gold​ Bead Mill Homogenizer Extended 4 Year Warranty

Next Advance Bullet Blender 5 Gold​ Bead Mill Homogenizer Extended 4 Year Warranty
BRAND  Next Advance
MODEL  Bullet Blender 5 Gold​
The Bullet Blender 5 Gold homogenizes up to 12 mid-sized samples (up to 1g) at a time in 5 mL Eppendorf® snap-cap tubes.

The Bullet Blender Gold enables you to homogenize, disrupt, or lyse up to 12 tissue or cell culture samples of up to one gram simultaneously in standard polypropylene tubes. Load the samples into the tubes, place them in the Bullet Blender, set the time and speed and you're ready! The "bullets" in the instrument vigorously strike all of the tubes and homogenize your sample in minutes.

The "Gold" models of the Bullet Blenders include a number of upgrades.  The Bullet Blender Gold includes dry ice cooling to keep samples at or near 4°C, have built-in sound insulation for quieter operation, and an upgraded motor for more efficient homogenization of tougher samples as well as faster homogenization of soft ones!  Fill the side compartment with dry ice and cold air will circulate through the inside of the instrument.  The 4°C signal will light up when the temperature is reached. The air circulation will adjust according to homogenization conditions, allowing the contents of the tube to reach and maintain a temperature of 4°C.

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