Leica Builder 505 Manual Total Station | Rent, Finance, or Buy

Leica Builder 505 Manual Total Station

Leica Builder 505 Manual Total Station
Product Specifications
BRAND  Leica
MODEL  Builder 505
The Leica Builder 505 total station provides an unequaled operation, precise measurements, trouble-free tasks, and intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Features include prism measurement mode, volume calculation, USB memory stick, tracking mode, laser distance measure, handheld interface, reliable, dual-axis compensator, leveling aid, laser plummet, wireless communication, data exchange via USB stick or Bluetooth, PowerSite software, multilingual support, switch between three different languages, wide area range, boosts productivity, high quality, one-man station, control line setup, theft protection, full alphanumeric keyboard, dual-function switch key, horizontal or vertical angle measurement, sector beep and IP55 environmental rating. Suitable for landscapers, builders, architects and carpenters applications. It has a robust design and withstands the hard environment conditions.
  • Specifications include 3, 5 or 9 in. angular accuracy, 250 m distance without reflector, 250 m distance to reflective tape, approx. 8 x 20 mm laser dot size at 50 m, 50,000 points internal memory and up to 1.5 mm accuracy at 100 m covering range. Operating temperature ranging from -20 to +50 degrees C.
  • Prism measurement mode
  • Volume calculation
  • USB memory stick
  • Tracking mode
  • Laser distance measure
  • Handheld interface
  • Reliable
  • Dual-axis compensator
  • Leveling aid
  • Laser plummet
  • Wireless communication
  • Data exchange via USB stick or Bluetooth
  • PowerSite software
  • Multilingual support
  • Switch between three different languages
  • Wide area range
  • Boosts productivity
  • High quality
  • One-man station
  • Control line setup
  • Theft protection
  • Full alphanumeric keyboard
  • Dual-function switch key
  • Horizontal or vertical angle measurement
  • Sector beep
  • IP55 environmental rating

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