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IEC CRU-5000 Refrigerated Floor Centrifuge

Product Specifications
MAX RCF (X G) 0 - 5,000
MAX SPEED (RPM) 0 - 5,000
FEATURES Refrigerated
FEATURES Floor Model
IEC Model: CRU-5000 / 2345 Refrigerated Floor Model Centrifuge.Provide speeds from 0 - 5700 rpm in 100 rpm increments with +/- 1.5% accuracy. Maximum rcf's: 4575 g's Close temperature control from 0C to 20C with +/- 1C accuracy.  Large sample size: holds up to 4 X 1000 ml bottles or 296 12 x 75 mm serum tubes.  ( Note: rotors and accesories must be ordered separately ). Dual-range timer can be set in 1/2 min increments to 15 min. and in 5 min increments to 105 min. Dual-braking system with full or half braking or free coasting to suit specifiuc applications.  Solid-state feedback speed control.Continuous reading tachometer.Brush wear indicator warns when 20 to 50 operatiung hours remain on brushes. Programmed operation, front-mounted copntrols make the CRU-5000 easy to use.  Simply set speed, temperature, time and brake mode. Push START nutton.  Centrifuge cycles automatically.


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