Hospira Plum A+3

Hospira Plum A+3
BRAND  Hospira
MODEL  Plum A+3
Hospira Abbott Plum A+3 Triple Channel Infusion Pump is a scalable platform that can be initially deployed, and later upgraded to include Hospira MedNet™ safety software to meet your evolving patient care needs. The unique, innovative PlumSet™ cassette technology and time -saving features simplify medication delivery and help to enhance safety for patients, clinicians and caregivers.

Product Features
• Deliver infusions with confidence with the unique PlumSet™ technology
• Automated second-line delivery — eliminates the need to raise and lower infusion containers, improving easeof-use and efficiency
• Concurrent delivery of 2 medications through a single patient line
• Air-in-Line detection and elimination — air trap captures up to 2 mLs of air
• Accumulated air can be removed by automated back-priming without disconnecting the patient line, reducing the risk of contamination
• Deliver secondary infusions via IV container or syringe
• Reliable performance, steady, consistent and proven
• One integrated system works across the entire spectrum of clinical care
• Single channel (2 concurrent medications) or triple channel (6 concurrent medications) models available
• Choose from a variety of programming options:
• Automated piggyback and concurrent delivery
• Programmable standby settings
• Multi-step delivery
• Loading dose automation
• Programmable delayed starts

• Dimensions: Approximately 19” X 15” X 14”, including pole clamp, barcode wand holder, and power cord.
• Weight: Approximately 28 ibs. with (3) batteries.
• Casing: High-impact plastic.
• Power Requirements: 120 V~, 50-60 Hz, 120 VA.
• Fuses: F1, F2, 250V~, 0.5 A. (internal)
• Power Cord: Hospital-grade AC cord. 10 ft long, with transparent plug and retainer plate.
• Battery: Three sealed, lead-acid, rechargeable 6 V batteries, internal to device.
• Battery Life: With a new fully charged battery, the infuser shall operate for a minimum of six hours at 125 mL/hr or less, or deliver 500 mL at 126 mL/hr or greater on one line.

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