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Creating new ways to increase equipment sales is what we do. In 2019, we did three things that collectively increased our equipment sales close rates by over 70%. Now, we’ve bundled these three things into one powerful sales generator called, APPROVE, and it’s available to equipment sellers.

Here are the three ways APPROVE offers a competitive advantage and drives more sales:

1. Increase equipment sales by integrating financing at the point-of-sale

63% of equipment is financed, but very few suppliers promote financing at the point of sale. Presenting affordable monthly financing payments next to products on your website and/or on your quotes, provides customers with attractive choices and gives your business a competitive advantage. APPROVE integrates financing at the point of sale. Here’s how it works:

Affordable monthly finance payments are automatically calculated based on your equipment sale price.
Finance payments can be presented on your website with the APPROVE e-finance plug-in or on your quotes.
Your customers can click one button and submit a simple digital application in seconds.
Most B2B equipment customers want financing options...APPROVE delivers a powerful sales advantage.

2. Satisfy customer demand for choices by delivering multiple offers from competing lenders

We’ve built a network of the nation’s top equipment finance companies that are ready to compete for your customers’ business. And when lenders compete, approval rates go up, customer costs go down, and you get paid quickly...up front and in full.
Here’s how it works:

Your customer clicks “Apply for Financing” on your website or quote and submits a 30-second application.
APPROVE lenders race to approve the application and the first three to approve it compete by presenting their best offers.
You and your customers review the competing lender offers and choose the best one. You get paid up front and in full.
Competition is good for your customers and your business.

3. Maintain visibility, control and influence throughout the entire process

The traditional financing process turns control over your sales opportunity to a lender and takes away your visibility and influence. APPROVE is built on a user friendly platform that enables you to track and manage every financing deal from start to finish. APPROVE is your custom-branded in-house financing solution that you are offering your customers - and you won’t have to send them to lenders’ websites anymore.

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APPROVE is better…

  • Affordable purchase alternative for expensive equipment
  • Multiple financing offers from competing lenders
  • Lower rates driven by competition
  • Maximum chances of application approval
  • Hassle-free, streamlined user experience
  • Extremely fast approvals and turnaround times
  • Competitive advantage with monthly financing payment estimates presented on every quote
  • Complete visibility and control from quote to lease approval
  • Higher approval rates from the APPROVE Lender Network
  • Ability to deliver the ultimate customer experience throughout the financing process
  • More satisfied customers and closed sales
Not offering financing yet?
APPROVE changes everything...
  • Affordable purchase alternatives for consideration
  • Easy 60-second online application
  • Extremely fast approvals and turnaround times
  • Multiple finance offers and low rates from competing lenders
  • High approval rates on all credit levels
  • Hassle-free, turnkey, online financing program
  • Expanded customer base to include those interested in financing
  • High approval rates from the APPROVE Lender Network
  • More satisfied customers and closed sales
APPROVE is simply a better, smarter way to offer financing to your customers.
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