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HOMOGENIZERS Bertin Precellys 24 ​Bead Mill Homogenizer Extended 2 Year Warranty

HOMOGENIZERS Bertin Precellys 24 ​Bead Mill Homogenizer Extended 2 Year Warranty
Product Specifications
BRAND  Bertin
MODEL  Precellys
The Precellys® is a powerful, high-throughput bead mill homogenizer, capable of homogenizing up to 24 samples with a typical run time of just 30 seconds for most samples.  Tough samples such as cartilage, hair, skin, or even bone can be efficiently homogenized in the Precellys.  Nucleic acid or proteins are separated from the tissue matrix and can be pipetted off after a short centrifugation step to pellet the debris.
The Precellys utilizes a figure-8, multi-directional motion which conveys a very high kinetic energy to the beads, causing intense collisions which break apart samples.  In many homogenizers, mechanical impacts between beads or between beads and the sample can generate heat. With the Precellys 24, the homogenization process is so fast that the temperature does not reach denaturation levels.
The Precellys has established protocols and various consumables for the processing of soft tissues, hard tissues, or microorganisms.  Users can simply change the speed and beads to accommodate a number of applications, such as:
  • Dry grinding
  • Micronisation
  • Homogenization from fresh or snap-frozen tissues
  • Lysis of micro-organisms
  • Dissociation of living bacteria

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