Hewlett Packard 5890/5971 GC/MS System

Product Specifications
BRAND  Hewlett Packard
MODEL  5890/5971
This HP 5971 GC/MS with HP 5890 Series II GC 
HP 5971 MS with heated ion source
Heated transfer line
Ion gauge tube
A 10-650 amu range
BRAND NEW Roughing Pump
Smart Card II
HP 5890 Series II GC
Single Split/Splitless Injector
HPIB Communications
G1701 Data System
Dynamic range: 10
Ionization energy: 70 eV from either filament
Mass range: 1.2 – 650 amu
Mass resolution: 0.5 +/- 0.05 amu throughout the mass range
Scan speed: Eight user-selected scan rates with a maximum of 2000 amu/sec with 0.1 amu mass resolution.
SIM mode: In the selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode, the MSD monitors up to 20 individually selected masses at one time. Up to 200 groups of 20 masses can be selected from each run. Dwell time for each mass is user-selectable from 10 msec to 32767 msec.
Temperature Control: The GC/MSD interface temperature is user-settable from 250 °C to 320 °C.
Vacuum system: Diffusion pump, approximately 60 liters/sec
      Manuals and all cables to connect to GC and Data System
Available Options:
Also available with autosampler.
Laser printer can be added.
The Agilent HP 5971 Mass Spectrometer (MS) is a standalone detector designed for use with the HP 5890A Gas Chromatograph (GC). This system has a mass range of 10-650am.
Mass Selective Detector (MSD) electronics provide real-time control according to setpoints and instructions from the data system which sends operating parameters to the MSD. Status information and data originates from the MSD before transferring to the system.
The data system software included in this gas chromatograph is useful for editing and file management. It is equipped with programs that can acquire and process data as well as calibrate the MSD and other utilities. Tuning programs can calibrate mass assignments, control scanning of mass analyzers and adjust voltages in the ion source. Monitoring of total ion current and saved concentrations of particular ions can be performed with data gathering systems. The use of data acquisition programs is advisable when automatically storing the mass spectra of GC peaks as they elute.


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