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Hach (Sigma) Area Velocity Flowmeter

Hach (Sigma) Area Velocity Flowmeter
Product Specifications
METER TYPE Doppler Flow Meter
Simple and Reliable Flow Measurement
The compact and lightweight Hach Sigma 910 Portable Area
Velocity Flow Meter measures average velocity directly,
without the need for time-consuming and costly flow
profiling. Hach’s exclusive Submersible Area Velocity Sensor
assures accuracy and reliability for unsurpassed versatility,
even in the harshest open-channel applications.
Ideal for Harsh Environments
The 910 Flow Meter is NEMA 6P sealed to withstand
submergence and prolonged surcharge conditions. Its
compact size makes it easily portable and provides for easy
storage and fit in a variety of applications such as sewer and
storm water monitoring.
Advanced Technology for Accuracy
The technology used in the Hach Sigma 910 flow meter
automatically corrects for temperature effects on level
measurement for a higher level of accuracy. The patented*
“Drawdown Correction” feature corrects the effects of
velocity on accurate level measurement. Advanced,
ultrasonic one-MHz Doppler technology avoids signal
dropouts and ensures high levels of accuracy in low-flow,
full-pipe, or reversed-flow conditions. The hydrodynamic
body and side-mounted cable also maintains accuracy by
reducing turbulence along the sensor body.
*Patent number U55691914
Easy Installation and Maintenance
The 4.5-inch diameter of the Hach Sigma 910 flow meter
means it can be installed almost anywhere. It has a low
profile for reduced maintenance. The low maintenance
sensor is detachable and interchangeable for flexibility. An
oil-filled probe greatly reduces sensor fouling and need for
regular cleaning schedules. Single point calibration
(atmospheric) makes calibration quick and accurate.
The Sigma 910 Portable Area Velocity Flow Meter is ideal
for short-term flow studies and sanitary sewer evaluation

Rental includes: meter, area velocity sensor with 30 feet of cable, new battery, cable for connection to laptop, software

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