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Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters

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Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Description

An ultrasonic flow meter is very useful for a number of different types of applications, including for wastewater. They are volumetric flow meters that require bubbles or particulates in the liquid to provide an accurate measurement. 

Features of ultrasonic liquid flow meters

Before you choose one of these flow meters, you need to be sure it is the right tool for the job. Does the liquid have the right quantity and size of particulates? Do you need only a digital output, or do you need to have analog output as well? There are different meters available for different needs.

Consider whether you need to have a handheld unit that you can take with you, or if you need to have an ultrasonic flow meter that is capable of providing continuous monitoring. Before choosing your rental, know the minimum and maximum flow rate, temperature, and pressure offered by the meter you are considering to be sure it will work with your application.

How ultrasonic liquid flow meters work

The devices work using the Doppler effect, which is a frequency shift of an ultrasonic signal as it is reflected off of elements in the water – bubbles or particulates, as mentioned. The user will transmit the sound into the pipe that has flowing liquid in it and is able to determine the flow rate based on the reflections that it receives. There need to be at least 100 parts per million of 100 micron or larger bubbles or particles to take the measurements.

Most of the units are very easy to use. They have basic point and click operation and an easy readout screen. Different models and brands will have varying features and methods or operation, naturally.

Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Manufacturers

There are many different variations on the design, so you should be able to find several options that will work well for your needs. Some of the manufacturers making ultrasonic flow meters include Omega, GE, Dynasonics, and Fuji.

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