Geotech .85″ Teflon Bladder Pump | Rent, Finance, or Buy

Geotech .85″ Teflon Bladder Pump

Geotech .85″ Teflon Bladder Pump
BRAND  Geotech
Geotech's portable bladder pumps are designed with input from field technicians who actually do the sampling! Single turn release head and quick change bladders allow for quick, in-the-field bladder changes and easy decontamination.
Custom hose barbs allow the pump to be secured to tubing without the need for tubing clamps.
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel
    For unsurpassed durability and truly 
    representative samples
  • Portable turnkey systems available
    Everything you need to quickly and efficiently sample your site
  • Easy-to-open housings
    No special tools or training required to service 
    the pump
  • Quick-change bladder configuration
    Bladders can be easily exchanged without tools
    by sliding back the PTFE collars
  • Drop tube intake option
    Allows for deeper sampling
  • Extra bladders are readily available
    Available in PTFE and Polyethylene for all models
  • Bonded tubing
    In Polyethylene and PEP lined Polyethylene
    by the foot or by the roll
  • Compatible with the Geocontrol Pro 
    & BP Controller units
  • CE rated for quality

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