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Ground Water Pumps

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Ground Water Pump Description

Before renting a groundwater pump you will need to determine the depth of the water table and dig a well down to it.  If you dig a deep well a submersible pump will be the best for your project.  A shallower well will allow for a jet pump rental.  Maintenance will be easier on the above ground jet pump, but submersible pumps have the ability to run for years without maintenance.  Your KWIPPED network supplier will assist you in choosing the correct type of pump. Again, be sure to check groundwater regulations in your area before pumping.

Features of ground water pumps

Groundwater pumps work in conjunction with a well.  They will have a motor that is usually electrically powered, but solar powered motors are also available.  The pump itself moves the water through a series of pipes depending on the type of pump and where the water is going once it’s lifted from the ground.

How ground water pumps work

There are two types of groundwater pumps, jet pumps and submersible pumps.  Jet pumps are used for shallower wells.  The pump and motor are above ground and water is drawn up with suction.  The pump must be primed and have water in it to begin functioning.  This water, called drive water, is pumped through a narrow jet to increase the speed of the water.  A partial vacuum is created, which draws more water up from the water table at the bottom of the well.  Once through the jet, water is sent through a wider Venturi tube, the speed of the water slows, but the pressure increases.  The water is then discharged into the plumbing system of the house, building, or agricultural equipment being used.  Submersible pumps work in much the same manner.  The difference is that the pump is inside the well casing to push the water up.  A series of impellers powered by an above ground motor drive the water up.  Submersible pumps work better than jet pumps in deeper wells because the suction necessary to operate a jet pump decreases the deeper the well.  Submersible pumps are also more efficient; they pump more water compared to the size of the motor than a jet pump.

About ground water pumps

Water underneath the surface of the Earth is called groundwater.  This water is found in the soil and the cracks in rocks.  Usable sized reserves of groundwater are called aquifers.  When it rains water soaks down into the Earth until it reaches a saturation point called the water table.  At this point water begins to move in a horizontal, downhill direction.  Wells are dug into the water table in order to use this fresh water found underground.  Groundwater pumps are used in wells to bring the water to the surface of the earth.  While groundwater does make up approximately 20% of the Earth’s fresh water supply, it is still being overused in many parts of the world; this has caused environmental agencies to produce regulations to monitor the use of groundwater.  Be sure to check these before using your groundwater pump.

Ground Water Pump Applications

  • Household
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Sciences

Ground Water Pump Manufacturers

  • Gould’s Water Technology
  • Grundfos
  • Sta-Rite
  • U-Flo Pumps
  • Wilo USA

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