GE Healthcare AMX-II Portable X-Ray Machine

Product Specifications
BRAND  GE Healthcare
The GE Healthcare AMX II portable x-ray machine is used for clinical and medical applications. It operates besides at full power with auxiliaries without a power connection. Works on a variable speed in forwarding as well as the reversing direction. It has a silicon high-voltage rectifier and solid-state timer for better results.
  • Features include MX-75 275k HU X-Ray tube, tube swivels or rotate, mast swivels or extend, LED display, kVp ranging from 50 to 110, mAs ranging from 1 to 300, overcharge protection circuit, medium frequency generator, motorized, Ma and kVp display meters, constant 100 Ma, stabilizer circuit, anode rotation control, manual collimator with central light, self-propelled, and rechargeable batteries.
  • Specifications include a 1 mm focal spot of an X-ray tube, 12 kVp stations, 24 mAs stations and 100 mA constant. Consists of a rechargeable battery pack that has a capacity of 10,000 mAs measured at 100 kVp, which is proportionally more mAs at lower kilo voltages.
  • MX-75 275k HU X-Ray tube
  • Tube swivels or rotate
  • Mast swivels or extend
  • LED display
  • kVp ranging from 50 to 110
  • mAs ranging from 1 to 300
  • Overcharge protection circuit
  • Medium frequency generator
  • Motorized
  • Ma and kVp display meters
  • Constant 100 Ma
  • Stabilizer circuit
  • Anode rotation control
  • Manual collimator with central light, self-propelled, and rechargeable batteries

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