Edan IM50 IP CO2 Patient Monitor

Edan IM50 IP CO2 Patient Monitor
Product Specifications
The EDAN iM50 patient monitor is a latest generation monitor which offers the perfect solution for patient monitoring – even whilst on the move. Because the patient monitor is equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery, is lightweight and has compact dimensions, it is ideal for portable use. You can view up to 11 graphs on the 8.4" display at once. This rental includes the printer
  • 5-lead ECG, RESP, NIBP, Edan SpO2, 2-Temp, PR Arrhythmia, S-T Analysis, OxyCRG
  • 120 seconds Full-disclosure Waveforms Review
  • 120 Hour Graphic and Tabular Trends of all Parameters
  • Bi-directional Communications with Central Monitoring System
  • Customized alarm setting
  • 2 Invasive Blood Pressure ports and IBP transducer kit included
  • 1 Set pressure transducer interface cable
  • I pc Disposable pressure transducer kit
  • Respironics CO2(Side-stream) Module with accessories: Receive one of each, Disposable CO2 Nasal Cannula-Adult, Adult/Pediatric Airway Adapter Set with Dehumidification tubing-Adult, Disposable sampling line kit with Dehumidification tubing

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