Clean Green Solar Machine (24kWh self recharging) Mobile Power Plant

Clean Green Solar Machine (24kWh self recharging) Mobile Power Plant
For the first time ever, event or project planners can be Environmental Champions by using 100% renewable energy. The brand new Clean Green Solar Machine’s Mobile Power Plant allows event organizers to make a positive environmental contribution while, for the first time, enjoying completely silent power.

No longer does your event need to rely on noisy, fossil fuel powered generators that are harmful to the environment.
Our Mobile Power Plant combines the versatile technology of The Clean Green Solar Machine with unmatched mobile convenience and ample power in one elegant package.

Music festivals, vineyards, weddings, food trucks, Arts & Crafts, sporting events, job sites and more can now “Upgrade to Green and Switch to Silent.”

The CGSM does qualify for 30% off its total cost due to the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Act now as the full 30% ITC expires at the end of 2019.

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Offered by Ted at Supplier #26989 in Myrtle Beach, SC
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