Breuckmann Stereoscan 6.6 3D Scanner

Especially in the context of demanding measuring tasks, the asymmetrical camera arrangement of the stereoSCAN provides optimum flexibility and reliability; even object areas which are difficult to access are captured fully and conclusively. The sturdy CFRP double structure of the sensor base allows for variable scanning positions — depending on your measuring task, the stereoSCAN even works standing on its head! Thanks to the system‘s exceptional sturdiness, it delivers high-precision, true-to-detail 3D data for further processing not only in the protected laboratory environment but also under the harsh and challenging conditions of an actual industrial production setting.

  • Sophisticated 3D metrology at the highest precision
  • Automated measurement in rough production environments
  • Variable scanning positions thanks to CFRP double-base structure
  • Can be combined with a tactile probing sensor or a CMM
  • High luminosity projector with LED in blue or white
  • Fast and easily changeable measuring fields
  • Three triangulation angles (10˚, 20˚, 30˚)

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