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Handheld 3D Scanner Description

Metrology is simply the science of measurement. It includes the actual and practical aspects of measuring various items, as well as the theoretical aspect. It is a very exacting science that will enforce and validate standards for accuracy, reliability, and precision. Therefore, it makes sense that those who are in this field need to utilize the best and most reliable tools available for measurement. This includes 3D scanners. These scanners are capable of taking extremely accurate measurements.

These devices are able to take hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of very accurate measurements in a fraction of the time it would take to measure the hand. In addition, they are able to make very small and precise measurements.

Features of handheld 3d scanners

While there are a number of different manufacturers offering different makes and models of scanners, there are two basic types. There are large scanners that are stationary, and with these items, you would need to bring the object being measured to the scanner. They tend to be very large and heavy.

The other main type of scanner is a portable model. These are handheld, the user is able to manipulate the scanner in ways that the stationary model is unable to replicate. Both of the different types of scanners have their purpose. It will often depend on what you are doing and what you need to measure to determine which of the scanners is right for you.

Some will utilize laser triangulation, while others will use pattern fringe triangulation. Scanners are used in a variety of different places today including manufacturing, engineering, production, automotive, and much more. As the technology becomes more common, it is easy to imagine that they will be utilized in even more fields and industries in the future.

Renting the 3D scanners is a good option for many. If you need one of the scanners, first consider what you need to scan and then it is easier to determine whether you would benefit from one of the benchtop models or a portable model. It is a good idea to check out the features of each of the scanners you are considering, as well as the software that you will need to use with the scanner.

Handheld 3D Scanner Manufacturers

Quite a few manufacturers are creating these 3D scanners today. Some of the most popular manufacturers include FARO, Artec, Breuckmann, Creaform, and Surphaser.

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