Beckman Spinchron Centrifuge, Benchtop Model

Product Specifications
BRAND  Beckman Coulter
MODEL  Benchtop
MAX RCF (X G) 5,000 - 10,000
MAX SPEED (RPM) 0 - 10,000
BRAND Beckman
Beckman Spinchron Benchtop Centrifuge

Currently set up with 2 buckets and adaptors with provision for two more. 

Accepts Samples from 1.5 to 750mL
Exclusive Rotor with Automatic Rotor Imbalance Equilibrium System (ARIES)
Smart Balance Technology
Spins Tubes Bottles Microplates Specialty Bottles and Blood Bags
Range of applications including cell culture, plasma and general purpose separations. basic and optimized user interface with its convenient analog controls and digital speed display for quick programming and ease of use.
Designed to operate with interchangeable rotors, depending on your application. The Swinging-bucket Rotor with the Exclusive ARIES Smart Balance System features automatic correction of up to 50 grams per bucket set for any rotor imbalance. Featuring 11 different adapters, this benchtop centrifuge spins from 1.5 mL tubes to 750 mL bottles.
 Beckman Spinchron Centrifuge Force & Speed Specifications:
  • 5710 x g (6100 rpm) with Fixed Angle Rotor
  • 4560 x g (4730 rpm) with optional Swinging Bucket Rotor (4 bucket x 750ml each with GH 4.7)
  • 3200 x g (3800 rpm) with Swinging Bucket Rotor (4 bucket x 750ml each with GH 3.8 Rotor, this is standard quoted rotor for the GS 6 and Allegra™ centrifuge)

Beckman Coulter Spinchron centrifuge models have different features to better suit your applications. Models differ in refrigeration type, operating temperature, size, and weight. The Beckman Spinchron centrifuge operates at an ambient temperature for general applications. The Beckman Spinchron centrifuge has CFC-free refrigeration with automatic door interlock, rugged drive and fine-tuned suspension features. Capable of CFC-free refrigeration, the Beckman Spinchron R features the largest dimensions of the three models.
When equipped with the right rotors and the right g-force, the Beckman Coulter Spinchron Series Benchtop Centrifuge delivers top-notch performance and is perfect for high-volume laboratories. The simple and durable design of the Spinchron Benchtop Centrifuge makes for your easy operation and long-term utility.

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