Agilent HP 8453 UV Vis Spectrophotometer

Product Specifications
BRAND  Agilent
MODEL  HP 8453
Wavelength range 190–1100 nm
Slit width 1 nm
Physical Dimensions
Height × width × depth 185 × 344× 560 mm (7.3 × 13.5 × 22.0 inches)
  • Easy to use – direct access to the cell holder and cells, built-in buttons at the front for triggering measurements
  • Stable optics – excellent wavelength reproducibility due to the ceramic spectrograph manufactured under license from Carl Zeiss and high photometric accuracy due to the low noise electronics.
  • Flexible accessories - Built-in interfaces for interconnectivity with accessories. Agilent's multicell transport, Peltier thermostatted cell holder, sipper system, or autosampler. Gilson autosamplers, Labsphere diffuse reflectance accessories, or fiber optics couplers from Custom Sensors & Technology.
  • GLP built-in - Serial and firmware revision number held in firmware. Extensive self-test procedures for lamp intensity, wavelength accuracy and noise to ensure consistent performance. Built-in log book carries the results of self-tests, notes on instrument maintenance and lamp timers.
  • Easy to exchange pre-aligned deuterium and tungsten lamp light sources.
  • Firmware upgrades supported via built-in communication interfaces

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