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  On average, spectrophotometers rent 2.4 months for:


For 60 months
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  • $48

  • $943



For 48 months
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  • $57

  • $1,122



For 36 months
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  • $71

  • $1,422



Per Week
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  • $60

  • $499



Per Day
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  • $45

  • $45

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Features of spectrophotometers

spectrophotometer rentalAs mentioned, many different types of spectrophotometer are available. The features vary between the different options and models. Some of the other types of spectrophotometer available include atomic and fluorescence versions. Many of the modern models that are on the market have a relatively simple interface and a push button control panel on the front. Most will have a screen for easy readings of your results as well. Even though the device has easy to use controls, only those who know what they are doing should operate it.

How spectrophotometers work

Many different types of spectrophotometer are available, and depending on the type used, they will make use of different types of wavelengths for analyzing. For example, the UB-Vis measures ultraviolet and visible regions. Near infrared versions are available as well. Along with the different types, the spectrophotometer also comes in different configurations – single beam and double beam. The single beam option will make use of a reference standard to clear the instrument before taking measurements. The double beam option will split the beam into two different paths. One will pass through the standard and one will pass through the reference sample.

About spectrophotometers

A spectrophotometer is an instrument that is able to measure the amount of light of a certain wavelength when it passes through a medium. The machines are often used in order to measure the concentration of a compound in a liquid solution. These devices are in use in many different labs.

Spectrophotometer Applications

  • Biochemistry
  • Research
  • Chemistry

Spectrophotometer Manufacturers

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Aurora
  • Biomed
  • Bibby Scientific Ltd.
  • BioTek Instruments
  • Buck Scientific
  • Cecil Instruments Ltd.

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