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Average Costs to Rent, Finance or Purchase a Cable Reel Trailer
Min Average Max
Daily Rental Rate $75 $134 $350
Weekly Rental Rate $250 $454 $850
Monthly Rental Rate $950 $2091 $3850
Purchase Price $6,995 $20,203 $59,000
60 Month Financing Rate $116 $440 $1,315
48 Month Financing Rate $137 $532 $1,587
36 Month Financing Rate $173 $681 $2,039
24 Month Financing Rate $245 $974 $2,426
*The prices on this table are only estimates, and are based on actual Cable Reel Trailer quotes submitted by KWIPPED Suppliers in the last 12 months. Actual Cable Reel Trailer prices vary greatly based on brand, model, condition (new or used), options, and packages.
Based on Actual KWIPPED Marketplace Supplier Quotes
  • On average, you can rent a Cable Reel Trailer for $134/day, $454/week, $2091/month .
  • On average, you can purchase a Cable Reel Trailer for $20,203.
  • On average, you can finance a Cable Reel Trailer for $440/month on a 60-month lease.
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Cable Reel Trailer Description

When you are renting a cable reel trailer, you have to consider the size of the cable spool you will be using and of course, the size and weight of the cable. You need to have a trailer that’s large enough and strong enough to handle the cable. You also want to make sure that the trailer is not so large that you can’t use it on your worksite. Look up reviews to find more information about the control scheme for each of the different units you are considering, so you can find the one that works best for your needs.

Features of cable reel trailers

cable reel trailer rentalsThe cable reel trailers are all very similar in their design. They have wheels and a hitch to attach to a larger vehicle so they can be pulled around easily to different areas. Many of the trailers also have onboard batteries and controls to reel the cable up or to let out line. There are different sized trailers available, as they need to accommodate different sized spools of cable. Still, the way they look and operate is essentially going to be the same.

How cable reel trailers work

The cable reel trailer works very simply. It is a trailer that is capable of holding the spools of cable. The trailer is on wheels, and they have a secure mechanism for holding in the spool. You will be able to control the spool with the onboard controls, which will allow you to let out more cable and to reel in the cable when needed. They are quite useful in the field, as they can make it fast and easy to get cable to different locations quickly.

About cable reel trailers

A cable reel trailer is a cylinder that looks like a large spindle that has wire or cable wrapped around it. The trailer makes it easy to move these reels, which can be very heavy thanks to the weight of the cable. The trailers can serve two purposes. They can be helpful when laying cable, and they can be helpful when moving old cable from the ground. These are a common site for many who are working in the electric and power field, as well as those who are in telecommunications.

Cable Reel Trailer Applications

  • Cable
  • Power and electricity
  • Telecommunications

Cable Reel Trailer Manufacturers

  • Roose
  • NATM
  • Kiefer
  • Larson

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