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Phoropter Description

The main machine for testing vision, phoropters feature over 20 different lenses of all different strengths and focuses to determine the eyesight of the patient best. Depending on what the patient chooses, the lenses help to take accurate readings and measurements of the eyes by testing one at a time. A phoropter usually comes with an axis adjustment knob, a cross cylinder, and a variety of turning mechanisms that keep the device focused on the patient’s face while still being able to change its settings regularly.

Phoropters are controlled manually but are easily mounted on the wall or a nearby device for ease of access. The ophthalmologist can easily adjust the phoropter based on the patient’s height, age, and eye preferences. The phoropter also typically comes with some form of a chart for a patient to read, such as the famous chart with the big “E” at the top. 

How phoropters work

Modern phoropters use a series of lenses, prisms, and mechanical axis adjusters to accurately test the patient for eyesight measurements. Based on the patient’s response to which lens appears more crisp and definite, the examiner can determine how well or how poor the patient’s eyesight is, and then prescribe the proper strength for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Typically, the ophthalmologist will choose to test each eye individually, and then both together at the end. Depending on how the patient guides the examiner, the level of eye strength can be determined.

Although this is an advanced device, it is entirely manual and requires no electricity to run. This is advantageous to the examiner, as eye exams are typically done in dark rooms. Each lens has a different type of refraction, which can help the ophthalmologist determine what kind of lens curvature the patient needs. 

About phoropters

Phoropters are modern machines that were designed to give the eye examiner a way to determine the strength, shape, and curvature of the lens needed by the patient. An accurate testing with all lenses can show the examiner exactly what is going on in the patient’s eye, and an accurate prescription can be given without needing to touch the patient’s eyes at all. These machines are intended to help restore the patient to a normal seeing vision, and cannot diagnose diseases or treat other ailments. 

Phoropter Manufacturers

  • Bon Optic
  • Carl Zeiss Meditec
  • Essilor Instruments
  • Gilras
  • Huvitz
  • Luneau Technology
  • Many more

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