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Optical Biometer Description

Given the fact that there are many different makes and models that do essentially the same thing, you will be looking at any additional features and options that you feel would benefit your clinic and your patients. You should also consider some of the practical aspects of the machine, including the size and whether it needs to be stationary or portable.

While these machines do tend to be quite easy to use, it is vital that you have someone who knows the ins and outs of the biometer to use it properly. This provides you with the best results and eliminates the need to run the tests more than once.

Features of optical biometers

Some of the biometers may have different features and options than others, of course. Certain machines may have a built in ultrasound, making it easier to measure cataracts, provide 3D tracking, and more. The controls and features of the machines today tend to be easy to use, as well, which can help to increase the efficiency of your clinic.

How optical biometers work

The optical biometer can vary from one manufacturer to the other, but the results are the same. Types of measurements that can be taken from the popular optical biometers available today include the axial length, corneal curvature radius, depth of the anterior chamber, thickness of the central corneal layers, the size of the pupil, and the white to white distance. All of these can help to give the clinician an accurate depiction of the eye’s anatomy. Best of all, the machine can take these measurements in a matter of seconds.

About optical biometers

Optical biometry is a noninvasive method used to measure the anatomy and characteristics of the eye. It is a very useful tool in ophthalmology, it is simple to perform with the right tools, and it is comfortable for the patients. It is one of the most important steps when it comes to cataract surgery. The optical biometer was first made available in 1999, and in the intervening years, these devices have improved in terms of their accuracy and their ease of use.

Optical Biometer Manufacturers

Some of the manufacturers that make the optical biometer devices include Zeiss, NIDEK, and LENSTAR. If you have patients who are going to have cataract surgery and you need accurate measurements of the eye’s anatomy, these optical biometers are the best choice available.

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