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Lensometer Description

Lensometers are equipped with the features that allow them to read any kind of data relating to the eyes or eye treatment. It can read eyeglass prescriptions, contact lens prescriptions, detect errors, and help make better measurements for eye care and treatment. Most lensometers run on LED light, making for an efficient and painless detection system. Other features of lensometers include:
  • Battery-powered
  • Ergonomic design for long-time use
  • Accurate measurement making abilities
  • Maintenance-free devices
  • Ability to eliminate subjective readings of eyes
  • Help to limit or altogether eliminate operator error
  • Lens strengthening capabilities
Lensometers are equipped with features that can allow the ophthalmologist to equip eyeglass frames, and read prescription data more accurately to ensure that the patient is receiving the right type of care. Lensometers are made to read the strength of glasses quickly and painlessly. 

How lensometers work

Lensometers are a quick and convenient way to measure the eye that results in a clean and accurate reading. While ophthalmologists have several tools at their disposal, lensometers are convenient because they can help determine the strength of a patient’s eyeglass or contact lens prescription. That way, it reduces the chance of operator error and uses advanced algorithms to calculate and measure prescription strength. This is one of the only machines that can help correct or modify a prescription after the patient has already been prescribed with glasses or contact lenses.

Lensometers are particularly useful when a new patient with existing glasses comes to visit the ophthalmologist, with no record of their previous prescription. Instead of having to re-do another eye exam, the doctor can use a lensometer to take accurate readings of the lenses and determine what strength needs to be prescribed. 

About lensometers

Lensometers are also known as lensmeters or sometimes focimeters, and are used by most doctors in the eye medical industry. When it comes down to it, lensometers are the most accurate devices used by ophthalmologists in order to take accurate measurements of the strength of a patient’s current pair of glasses or contact lenses. Whether manual or automatic, there are plenty of lensometers that can suit the needs of any optical office. They use telescopic technology to figure out what kind of strength is held in the lenses. 

Lensometer Manufacturers

  • Luneau Technology
  • US Ophthalmic
  • Huvitz
  • Bon 

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