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BOP Description

When you are renting BOPs for your operation, it is important to look at the various types of BOPs available and to determine which ones will work best for your operation. Will you need to have just a single BOP, or will you need a stack? Depending on where you are drilling, your needs will naturally vary, so make sure the one, or ones, that you rent or lease will work for your environment.

Features of bops

BOPs are heavy duty pieces of equipment that are typically made from hardened steel. Depending on the rig and the usage, there may only be a single BOP or there may be a stack of these devices, each of which may have a varying function. Some of the deepwater systems will include hydraulic lines, as well as test valves, kill lines, choke lines, and a support frame.

How bops work

The goal of the BOPs is to seal, control, and monitor gas and oil wells and to handle the various flow and pressures associated with wells that could potentially lead to a blowout. There are two main categories of BOPs - ram and annular. Stacks of multiple BOPs will generally feature both of these types. Ram valves work similar to a gate valve. They are used on land, offshore, and in the sea.

About bops

BOPs, or blowout preventers, are large valves that will help to seal off the surface of a well that's being drilled over or that is being worked on, and they are an important part of the gas and oil industry. The operators may decide to close the valve in the event of drilling or a well intervention when they notice extra pressure. The additional pressure might allow fluids, such as oil or gas, to enter the well bore. If this were to happen, it could cause issues with the rig's ability to function. The BOPs will also help to prevent tools, tubing, and fluid from blowing out of the bore hole in the potential event of a blowout.

BOP Applications

BOPs are used for many different purposes in the gas and oil field. Some of the most common applications include use with:
  • Casings
  • Tubing
  • Wire lines
  • Drill pipes

BOP Manufacturers

  • Hydril Pressure Control
  • Oil & Gas Enterprises Corp.
  • Domino Machine
  • Kalsi Engineering
  • Houston Hydraulic

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