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Average Costs to Rent, Finance or Purchase a XRF Analyzer
Min Average Max
Daily Rental Rate $495 $635 $1063
Weekly Rental Rate $1300 $2329 $4250
Monthly Rental Rate $3300 $6225 $10625
Purchase Price $1,338 $28,829 $340,000
60 Month Financing Rate $295 $670 $1,579
48 Month Financing Rate $355 $809 $1,907
36 Month Financing Rate $453 $1,038 $2,450
24 Month Financing Rate $647 $1,392 $2,851
*The prices on this table are only estimates, and are based on actual XRF Analyzer quotes submitted by KWIPPED Suppliers in the last 12 months. Actual XRF Analyzer prices vary greatly based on brand, model, condition (new or used), options, and packages.
Based on Actual KWIPPED Marketplace Supplier Quotes
  • On average, you can rent a XRF Analyzer for $635/day, $2329/week, $6225/month .
  • On average, you can purchase a XRF Analyzer for $28,829.
  • On average, you can finance a XRF Analyzer for $670/month on a 60-month lease.
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XRF Analyzer Description

You will have a choice of several sizes of XRF analyzers to rent; your KWIPPED network supplier will assist you in deciding if a laboratory, tabletop, or handheld model is best for your analysis projects. 

Features of xrf analyzers

All XRF analyzers will have the ability to create the x-ray beam, inner mechanics for the gathering and analysis of the lost energy data, and a screen to display the results.  A power source is necessary to operate an XRF analyzer; this can come from battery power in smaller models.

How xrf analyzers work

XRF analyzers create an x-ray beam that is shone into a sample.  The x-ray beam is strong enough to displace electrons in the nucleus of the atoms in the sample.  Energy is lost as electrons shift to stabilize the atoms.  This shifting of electrons is called fluorescence.  The energy lost to fluorescence is unique to each element.  The XRF analyzer measures the lost energy to identify the elements in the sample and the amount of each present. 

About xrf analyzers

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are a nondestructive way to analyze the elemental content of a sample.  They are used to determine which elements are present in materials such as cement, metals, chemicals, soil, rock, and food.

XRF Analyzer Applications

  • Weld analysis
  • Identification of toxic metals in toys
  • RoHS compliance
  • Metal composition
  • Geochemical analysis of veins in core samples from mining exploration
  • Laboratory research
  • Scrap sorting
  • Environmental screening

XRF Analyzer Manufacturers

  • Niton
  • ARL
  • Bruker
  • Olympus
  • Oxford Instruments
  • Spectro
  • Elvatech
  • INNOV-X Systems

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