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Pipe and Tube Inspection Instrument Description

With so many types of tests for pipe and tube inspections, it is only natural that there are also many tools from which you can choose. You will want to consider your situation and the type of testing that you feel will work best for your needs. Then, you can start to consider some of the tools to rent or finance that would work for you, such as film markers, radiation monitors, eddy current detectors, and ultrasonic flaw detectors.

Features of pipe and tube inspection instruments

The five most used types of NDT methods include radiography, ultrasonic flaw detection, eddy current testing, dye penetrant testing, and magnetic particle crack detection. Let’s look at how some of these could work with pipe and tube inspection.

Ultrasonic flaw detection will find problems with the surface of materials, as well as the internal elements by using short pulses of ultrasound. This can help to locate those anomalies with a high degree of accuracy. They can be used for testing length and thickness up to 30ft. The eddy current testing can detect flaws on the surface and the subsurface by measuring the coating thickness, as well as the conductivity. It can be helpful in testing for cracks and flaws in components that have complicated shapes, too.

About pipe and tube inspection instruments

When it comes to pipe and tube inspection, you will find that there are many types of nondestructive testing options that can work quite well. The style that you choose, and the tools that you rent or lease, will depend on the type of inspections you need to conduct, naturally.

Pipe and Tube Inspection Instrument Manufacturers

Manufacturers that make equipment that can be used for pipe and tube inspections include Sonic Diagnostics, Magnetic Analysis Corporation, CETM Electrotest, NDT Products, Humboldt, Mastech, and Extech.

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