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Concrete Testers

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Concrete Testers

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Features of concrete testers

There are many advantages when it comes to using ultrasonic testing for concrete and other materials. It offers a high penetrating power, making it possible to find even deep flaws and anomalies. The machines are highly sensitive, and they tend to be very accurate, as well. They tend to be highly portable and the results are immediate. Some can determine the shape, size, orientation, and even the nature of the defects.

About concrete testers

Ultrasonic testing is a type of nondestructive testing technique that utilizes ultrasonic waves to test an object, concrete in this case. It can test the thickness of concrete and determine if there are any abnormalities or pockets in the concrete, for example. This type of test does not cause any harm to the concrete, which is very beneficial. It can be used for more than just concrete, though. You can also use ultrasonic testing for steel, wood, and composites.

Concrete Tester Manufacturers

Some of the manufacturers who are making this type of equipment today include Humboldt, Mastech, and Extech.

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