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Features of endoscopes

​The name of the tool used for these types of procedures is called an endoscope, and there are many different types and sizes of endoscope available today. The endoscope is a thin tube that has a camera and a light at the end, so the doctor can see what’s happening inside of the body. The doctor is able to detect abnormalities that may be present. They can be used to screen for and prevent cancer, and they can even be used to provide different types of treatment.

How endoscopes work

Depending on the type of endoscopy, the endoscope will be inserted into different areas of the patient’s body. For example, for a colonoscopy, the endoscope will be inserted through the anus. For a gastroscopy, the endoscope would be inserted into the mouth. The doctors will, of course, have different endoscopes for the various procedures they perform.

The images and video from the endoscopes that are available today tend to be of a very high quality. This makes it possible for the doctor to have a full and true view of what’s happening in the body, which ultimately is better for the patient.

About endoscopes

An endoscopy is a procedure that allows the doctors to examine the insides of a person’s body to check for a wide range of issues. This technique makes it easier for the doctors to find problems, often at earlier stages. While many patients are not overly fond of the procedure, it is a better solution than exploratory surgery, for example. Today, endoscopy can be used to examine the colon, stomach, esophagus, and even to diagnose ear, nose, and throat diseases, check the urinary tract, the abdomen, joints, and the heart.

Endoscope Manufacturers

Some of the many companies manufacturing endoscopes today include Braun, Ambu, Esaote, Reister, WiSAP, Optomic, Orlvision, MedGyn, and Laborie.

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