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How ct scanners work

A patient will lie on a table attached to the CT scanner. The scanner itself is a large machine with a hole in the middle that looks reminiscent of a donut. The scanner then takes images of the body, and as the machine rotates, it products an image of a “slice” of that part of the body or organ in question. The pictures are then saved to a computer for examination, but they can be printed out, as well.

The entire procedure will typically take between 15 minutes and 45 minutes, although this can vary based on the patient and the part of the body that will be scanned. The patient is not allowed to wear any metal when undergoing the procedure.

About ct scanners

A CT scan, or computer tomography scan, utilizes X-rays to take detailed images of structures within the body. The scans can be used for the chest, pelvis, arm, leg, and more. In addition, the scanner has the ability to take images of organs in the body including the kidneys, liver, lungs, and heart.

CT Scanner Manufacturers

CT scanners are manufactured by many well-known companies. Some of the top manufacturers include Toshiba Medical, Neusoft, Sino Vision, GE Healthcare, Philips, Hitachi, Scanco Medical, Digirad, Neurlogica, CT Imagine and Koning.

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