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Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB) Pumps

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Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB) Pumps

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Features of cardiopulmonary bypass (cpb) pumps

While it is possible to perform various types of heart surgery without the heart lung machine, it can provide some important advantages. When the heart is still beating, it is more difficult for the surgeon to repair the problem in many cases. With the addition of one of these machines, it will help to give the surgeon a more stable base from which they can work.

How cardiopulmonary bypass (cpb) pumps work

This machine will allow the doctors to work on the heart, as it is essentially stopped at this point. Not only will this machine oxygenate the blood that it pumps into the body, but it also removes the carbon dioxide from the blood when it returns to the pump so it can be re-oxygenated.

About cardiopulmonary bypass (cpb) pumps

A heart lung machine, or cardiopulmonary bypass pump as it is also known, is a device that is utilized during open heart surgery. It will allow the blood to literally bypass going through the heart, where it is typically oxygenated. The machine pumps oxygen into the blood in lieu of the heart, and it then pumps that blood through the body, acting as a heart for the patient during the surgery.

Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB) Pump Manufacturers

​Some of the medical manufacturing companies creating cardiopulmonary bypass pumps include Biodevices Inc., Sorin Group, Spectrum Medical Devices, Sundberg Ferar, and Sarns.

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