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Capnograph Description

If you are renting a capnograph machine, then you need to make sure you check out the features of each of the models to be sure it will work well in your facility or clinic based on the general type of patients you have. Do you want to have the sidestream device, or would a traditional machine work better for your needs? Make sure that the controls and readouts are clear, and that you understand how to use the machine properly before you implement it.

Features of capnographs

The capnograph machines come in different styles. Some of them are sidestream systems, which can be helpful for non-intubated patients. With these, the patient's air is directed through a nasal canula to the device, which will then provide a measurement of the CO2 emissions. They have tubing attached to them, and most have a simple to read display screen. Some will also have alarms on them that will alert the medical staff if there is a problem with the breathing.

How capnographs work

When hooked up to the machine, the amount of CO2 in the patient's breath is gauged, which can help to determine problems with the patient. If the level of CO2 is too low, it could show that the patient has problems breathing, perhaps due to certain medications, and the doctor will then be able to make adjustments to the patient's care. It is capable of measuring the CO2 by using infrared waves. The carbon dioxide, because it has more two different atoms, will absorb infrared waves. This is how it detects the CO2 levels. It can be used for both intubated and non-intubated patients.

About capnographs

The purpose of a capnograph is to measure the amount of carbon dioxide that is in a person's breath. Medical professionals will use this item as a means to determine whether the patient has any issues with breathing, and even to determine whether their breathing equipment is working properly. The capnograph is helpful when it comes to indicating a variety of different medical conditions including stroke, airway obstruction, pulmonary embolisms and more.

Capnograph Applications

  • Hospital Wards
  • Ambulances
  • Operating Rooms
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Critical Care Facilities
  • Veterinary Facilities

Capnograph Manufacturers

  • Smiths Medical
  • Bedfont
  • Philips
  • Nihon Kohden
  • Nonin
  • Masimo
  • Oridion
  • MedLab  

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