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Average Costs to Rent, Finance or Purchase a Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scanner
Min Average Max
Weekly Rental Rate $1000 $1000 $1000
Monthly Rental Rate $1350 $1350 $1350
Purchase Price $26,995 $49,363 $109,950
60 Month Financing Rate $555 $1,052 $2,355
48 Month Financing Rate $671 $1,271 $2,842
36 Month Financing Rate $860 $1,631 $3,654
24 Month Financing Rate $1,208 $2,006 $4,094
*The prices on this table are only estimates, and are based on actual Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scanner quotes submitted by KWIPPED Suppliers in the last 12 months. Actual Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scanner prices vary greatly based on brand, model, condition (new or used), options, and packages.
Based on Actual KWIPPED Marketplace Supplier Quotes
  • On average, you can rent a Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scanner for $1000/week, $1350/month .
  • On average, you can purchase a Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scanner for $49,363.
  • On average, you can finance a Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scanner for $1,052/month on a 60-month lease.
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Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scanner Description

If you are running a clinic that deals with patients who have issues with their bone density, having at least one of these bone densitometers onsite is very helpful. However, you have to make sure that you are renting or leasing the best machine for your business. One of the first things that you will have to consider is the size of the machine. Make sure it will work well with the space that you have available.

You should also consider the features and operations with the machine. Make sure it is high-quality and that it has all of the options that you need. Consider the operation of the machine, as well. It should be easy to use, although you will always want to make sure that only those who know and understand how to use the machine operate it.

How bone densitometers / dexa scanners work

The bone densitometer is a very beneficial machine. It is a simple and fast process, and it is noninvasive for the patient. This machine can be helpful for many different types of patients. Some of the patients that could benefit from this type of test include postmenopausal women who are not currently taking estrogen, those who use medications that can cause bone loss, patients who have a thyroid condition, those who have suffered a fracture after they’ve suffered a mild trauma, and those who may be exhibiting signs of osteoporosis. Doctors can find plenty of uses for the machine.

About bone densitometers / dexa scanners

Bone densitometry is also known as duel-energy x-ray absorptiometry or DEXA. This technique utilized a small dose of ionizing radiation. This will produce pictures of the interior of the body, and it is used to help measure bone loss. Quite often, a bone densitometer will be used for the hips and the lower part of the spine, where bone loss might be common. However, it is also possible to scan the entire body in some cases. This will help to diagnose issues such as osteoporosis. The machine will also help to determine whether a patient may be at a risk to develop a fracture in the future.

Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scanner Manufacturers

A range of companies manufacture bone densitometers. Some of the manufacturers include Hitachi, GE Healthcare, Echolight, DMS Imaging, Hologic, Medonica, and XGY. There are some great options from which you can choose. Find the one to rent or lease that will work well for you and your clinic.

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